Sponge-Spatterware refers to 19th century pottery decorated with a stamped design of flowers or shapes. Part of the design may be hand painted or there may be bands of striped color that creates a rainbow effect. This was produced by the factories of early industrial-era of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Belgium and France. In the U.S. it is called spatterware, in Europe it is called spongeware. There are four possible techniques: hand painting, spattering, dabbing, and stamping a pattern with a sponge. The most common colors were red, green, blue and yellow against a white or cream colored background. A common pattern is "Adams Rose". It was produced by all the famous potteries in Europe. Today it is considered "Folk Art" and is highly collectable.

Offering two three color spatterware plates with black, green and red borders around rim. They are free of cracks or discoloring. All colors are bright against a pearl white background. Plates may be sold separately or together. Plates are $45.00@.

These plates are 8.5"D. They are in excellent condition with minor honest wear.

# MCB 19914


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