In 1765, Kaolin,the white substance used to make fine porcelain was discovered in the soil surround the town of Limoges in France. Before this discovery all porcelain was imported from China. The soil of Limoges was rich in Kaolin and feldspar,the essential ingredients for hard paste porcelain. By 1771, many potteries formed producing fine porcelain. By 1830, Limoges replaced Paris as the main center for private porcelain factories. Limoges has maintained this position to the present Day. All pieces can be identified and dated according to their marks.

Offering an outstanding  handpainted  oyster plate with heavy gold trim on the rim. The outer inside of the bowl is decorated with a row of lotus flowers in white & green on a pearl white background. This theme is continued in the middle with lotus flowers in each segment and in the middle of the plate. It is 8" in Diameter. The marks are from the Ahrenfeldt - Depose  factory in Limoges and it dated 184-1930.

It is in excellent condition,clear bright colors,no stains. No crack or chips - a real beauty.

# DMD 2472


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