From the 17th - 19th centuries, the footstool was extremely valuable in American Homes where furniture was costly and took up precious space. Stools are divided into three groups based on their height. Lowest was the footstool -12" tall, used for child seating and adult feet. Medium was 12-20" tall - used for youth and adult seating. High stools were over 20" tall- used for tall desks or writing stands. Stools were made by chair-makers in many different styles. Small footstools were part of the better furnishings of the home. We see footstools in portraits and silhouettes of ladies and children.

Offering a lovely cherry footstool with a curved apron and end pieces that curve to half moon on both sides and bottom. The dimensions are 8.5"H, 8"D, 14"L. This stool is in excellent with minor honest wear.

# HLO1905



Dry Measures are containers designed to measure bulk commodities that are not fluids and were typically shipped and sold in standardized containers such as barrels. Early measures were primarily made of wood. Since wood often splits, it was banned from use for liquids in the 18th century. In the barn, dry measures were used for grain, animal feed and garden seeds. In the kitchen, they were used for measuring flour, sugar, grains. Dry measures are made of bentwood with an overlap tacked seam. Many have doubled thick rim with opposing bin pull handles.

We are offering a blue painted dry measure, circa late 19th-early 20th century. This measure offers a top metal band, clean inside, tight seams and opposing bin pull handles. The color is clean and rich.

The measurements are 7"H, 14.5"D.  This measure shows minor honest wear and is in excellent condition.

# MCB 18302



Offering a painted lift top pine box with the original green paint. The top has a porcelain pull to open the box. The outside is painted while the inside is plain - no stain or paint. This box stands flat on a table with sides and joints all tight. It has many uses from kitchen-library-office.

It is in excellent condition with honest wear. The dimensions are 10" T, 11"D, 11.25"W.

# MCB 19103


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