Horse Bells can be jingle bells denoting a jingler inside the cast bell or a clapper found in an open type of bell. Both types have been used for sleigh bells. All horse bells are of brass or bronze metal. While antique bells wear well, the original leather straps usually need replacing due to neglect. Bells look wonderful hanging by a fireplace, draped over an old horse collar or hanging on a wall.

Offering a set of 30 antique horse bells, acorn design, two piece stamped. These bells date from 1880 to 1920. They are machine stamped brass over nickle plated bells.. Originally the bottom half was riveted on to the strap with copper rivets. The jinglet was added and the top piece crimped on to complete the bell. The set is mounted on a new laced 72" leather strap with a brass ring for hanging.

This set was cleaned, polished and lacquered in 2004 by Deanna Weed of Classic Bells in Pottsville, Iowa. Ms Weed designed and constructed the laced strap using "Havana Brown" bridle leather keeping the original buckle. The strap insured value was $360.00 in 2004.

# BLK-1425


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