Staffordshire, England  became the center of earthenware,stoneware and porcelain production from  1720 until today due to local clay, salt, lead, and coal. It also pioneered bone china, jasperware and transfereware. Now called Stoke-on-Trent, it remains the premier city of porcelain production in England where most of the main potteries are located.

Transferware was produced in Staffordshire before 1820. It is a term given to pieces that had a pattern applied by transferring a print from a copper plate to a specially sized paper and then to the body of the piece. It is produced on earthenware, ironstone, porcelain and bone china.

Offering an outstanding  Staffordshire - Transferware plate  with a scalloped rim. The outer edge of the plate has a floral decoration surrounding the inner plate. The center presents a lovely Asian harbor scene with boats, pavilion and visitors in front of river. The back is stamped "Mayer - Stoke" which dates circa Mid 1800's. Pieces can be dated according to their marks

This plate is 10" in diameter with purple pattern on pearl white background. It is in excellent condition - no chips or cracks. Pattern color is strong without stains.

It is in excellent condition with minor wear. No crack or chips - a real beauty.

# MCB 19112


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