Iron Stop – Elephant

Iron Stop - Elephant

Doorstops or Door Porters are simply heavy objects used to hold a door open. By the late 1700's, many homes utilized round decorative examples made of sand-cast brass, or other types of metal with flat, hollow backs. Decorative door stops were not used in American Homes until after the Civil War. Decorative iron doorstops came into their own in the United States in the 1920's and remained popular through the early 1940's when heavy metal rationing began during World War II. They are very collectible and cover a range of subjects.

We are offering a Elephant door stop that is 7.5" tall and 6" wide. The elephant is taking bananas from a tree. The elephant is brown with a white tusk . The tree has green palm like leaves and  a green trunk. He is standing on a raised mound painted green.  Although the piece is painted in shades of green, brown and white - the colors are distinctive showing great detail.

This piece is in excellent condition with no paint loss . It is a great decorative piece that would enhance any decor.

# MCB 20510


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