This decoy has a black/white head, yellow glass eyes with black feather lines and a gray/black painted bill. The breast is black and white with black feather lines on either side.  The back is black and gray to the tail with white/black feather lines. The underside is also white. The carver has fixed a lead pad and leather on the underside. The body is hollow carved cedar, kiln dried and painted with oils.

This decoy is hand carved, hand painted and signed by Clarence Fennimore. The bottom is incised with his initials. Mr Fennimore is a descendant of carvers including Harry Fennimore who was one of the classic carvers of the Delaware River School. Mr Fennimore was chairman of the annual decoy show put on by the New Jersey Decoy Collectors Association. In 2002 he was named the New Jersey Decoy Collectors Association "Carver of the Year". In 2003, his Pintail Drake was featured decoy for the New Jersey Duck Stamp.

Mr Fennimore's decoys are finely painted with oils, using combs, wet on wet technique and stippling. He has carved over 1300 decoys, including all species.They all exhibit as examples of a true authentic beautiful Delaware River decoy.

This is Buffle Head Duck is  in excellent condition . The dimensions are 13"L,6"H .

# MCB 503


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