A jelly Cupboard is an enclosed shelving unit traditionally used to store jams & jellies. They were also called jam cupboards and jelly cabinets. Constructed of solid woods like walnut or cherry, a jelly cupboard sports a door or set of doors on the front of the cabinet. Typical cabinets contain two or three shelves and sometimes a drawer at the top. They have their historical roots in 19th-century America. Pioneers preserved fruit for the long winter months By 1830, jelly was common in America and appropriate storage was needed. As time passed, the cupboard was used for decoration and storage. Since many cupboards are in kitchens or dining areas,they were used to store china,silver wear and linens.

We are offering a walnut jam cupboard (circa 1860) with three deep shelves. This cupboard has its original finish. It has clean straight lines down the front ending in an elaborate , scrolled apron and bracket feet. It has two mortised doors with metal latches, original strike plate behind one door. 

The measurements are 49"W, 52"T 21.5"D. The top shows moderate honest wear with minor wood loss. There is a knot hole in the top left side but otherwise all surfaces are strong and sturdy. The back is solid and complete with no breaks. It is in excellent condition and can be used to store anything. This piece would be a wonderful addition to any room.

# MCB 18241


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