Tramp Art is a style of woodworking which emerges in America from 1870 to 1940. Its characteristics include chip carving into squares, triangles and rectangles,  the reclamation of cheap wood such as cigar boxes and shipping crates, use of simple tools as penknives and then layering  into three dimensional,boldly geometric pieces with glue or nails. One technique used in Tramp Art is Crown of Thorns joinery. It was most popular during the Great Depression. The name was given in 1959 by Frances Lichten in Pennsylvania Folk Life Magazine, to describe crafts constructed from waste materials.  Although this name conjures images of itinerants who bartered wares for food and shelter much of these pieces were made by people from all walks of life. 

Offering a mini dresser constructed in the Tramp Art style. The dresser has one drawer over two cupboard doors. When doors are open the stamp on the original wood (Cigar Box) is exposed. The top splash board is cut out in the middle and topped by a decorative arch. The drawer has a tiny brass pull and doors are equipped with wooden latches to hold doors shut. The dresser has a lovely curved apron on front and sides. Overall piece is decorated with black paint.

This piece is in excellent condition showing minor honest wear - with tight joints and seams. The dimensions are : 16"h, 6"d, 8.5"w.

# MCB 18328


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