Stoneware Semi Ovid Churn

Stoneware Semi Ovid Churn


American Stoneware is the predominant house ware of the era. Crocks,jugs and preserve jars were kitchen essentials throughout the 18th - 20th Centuries. By 1820,stoneware was being produced in every American center. Today these pieces are prized for their simple beauty.

Offering a three gallon, salt glaze semi ovid churn. It is 13.75" tall and circa 1875. This jar was decorated using cobalt oxide to produce the bright blue,stylized decoration on the front  of the jar. The decoration is a "Fishing Lure".  A light brown slip wash is on the interior. The jar is balanced by two open loop handles on either side. The colors are crisp and clean. The bottom and top rims are strong with no chips.  It was made in Ohio and is from the Estate of Nancy Shedel of Petersburg, Pa. It is in excellent condition.



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