Staffordshire, England  became the center of earthenware,stoneware and porcelain production from  1720 until today due to local clay, salt, lead, and coal. It also pioneered bone china, jasperware and transfereware. Now called Stoke-on-Trent, it remains the premier city of porcelain production in England where most of the main potteries are located.

A Toad Mug or surprise mug also known as an ague mug is a vessel made for drinking beer. They date from 1775 continuing until the end of the 19th century. These mugs were part of the tradition of drinking games such as puzzle jugs. In this case the vessels featured one or more three dimensional ceramic toads that emerge at the bottom of the vessel as it was drained.

Offering an early Staffordshire Toad Mug with raised, hand painted figures around the outside and a  three dimensional frog in the inside. The mug has a white background with blue trim around the top and bottom. It has a label from the "Kahn Collection" and no maker's marks on the bottom. It is 5.5"T and 5.25" in Diameter. It depicts three gentlemen enjoying ale at the pub.

It is in excellent condition with bright colors, no chips or cracks.

# MCB 19126


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