Tables are one of the most under appreciated types of furniture yet they provide the foundation for much of our decor. From displaying collections, family photos to providing the backdrop for family meals and celebrations, the table has many roles and boasts its own unique history and evolution from simple wood planks to multitude of styles and forms.

A Sawbuck table or X Frame Table gets its name from the X supports which resemble the Roman X for ten. It is a type of trestle table having X-shaped supports at either end. It is also is distinguished by a sturdy central rail and key-tendon joints holding the supports and a central rail together. This table originated in Pennsylvania in the early 18th Century, and is a characteristic of Pa. Dutch vernacular design. This design is very sturdy that some sawbuck tables have remained in regular use for many years.

We are offering a Saw Buck Table with a 1 board  top, supported by opposing X- shaped supports, central rail and key tendon joints. 

The dimensions are 48"L, 30"W and 29"T.It is in excellent condition - tight joints and beautiful patina. A perfect table for all occasions.

# DMD-6892


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