Sail On! Sail On!

Sail On! Sail On!

The original "Santa Claus" was Bishop St. Nicholas (d.352AD) of Turkey who was very wealthy and had a reputation for helping those in need with secret gifts. There are many lovely stories of his kindness and generosity. In the 16th century, after the reformation, St Nicholas became unpopular. Other figures were established to continue the customs of Christmas. In England, he became "Father Christmas" and in France he was know as "Pere Noel". Austria and Germany called the season "Christkund" which symbolizes the baby Jesus. Early in the US, his name was "Kris Kringle" from "Christkund". The Dutch settlers in the USA brought the stories of St. Nicholas with them and called him "Sintrerklaas". This name developed into the "Santa Claus" of today. St Nicholas Day is December 6th and children in Europe leave clogs filled with presents, hay and carrots for St.Nicholas and his horse.

Offering a "Sail On! Sail On!" Santa with his ship. This figure is all hand wrought from the figure to clothes and accessories using vintage materials. Face and hands are hand molded and painted. His hair is New Zealand Wool. All are designed by Carol Wright, a Pennsylvania artist, who has been producing these figures for years. Each is unique and no two the same.

# CAW-1706


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