Basket making is an art form that is thousands of years old. It is the most basic of all crafts in its methods and material, and its development reflects local traditions. Handmade baskets have a cachet that has never been equaled. The American artisan basket is highly prized as a valuable and beautiful object.

Offering coiled rye straw open basket circa 20th century. It is a simple round open bowl shape with rye straw coils wrapped with thin oak splints. The coils are wrapped round to form a pleasing spiral inside and out of the bowl. It had many home uses ranging from sewing items to fruits, to vegetables to rising bread dough. It measures 13" D.

This basket is in excellent condition -sturdy , tight with a lovely patina. It has many uses and would make a wonderful present for any occasion. To keep free of dust, rinse your basket with cold water and set to dry.

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