Rag rugs have always been the specialty of women living in the country or on the frontier. Rag rug methods were brought to America by immigrants and were made from worn clothing or other textiles. From 1890-1910, this Folk Art experienced a period of "popularity" due to the "Arts and Crafts" movement. Materials were plentiful with the growth of the American Textile Industry. 

This handwoven rug with handwoven binding and handknotted fringe is made from re-cycled and re-purposed textiles. It is made of cotton/poly and measures 26 x 32"(plus fringe). The fabric and colors have been chosen by the Artist to ensure beauty and quality adhering to the guidelines of traditional rug weaving. Made in Pennsylvania, it will provide your home with a useful and wonderful ambiance experienced by early Americans.

Machine Wash-Gentle cool - Line/Flat dry

# DS-18-162E


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