Ceramic hot water bottles were common in the 19th and early 20th centuries. These were used to warm your bed, feet and hands. Traveling in cold weather required foot warmers as trains, carriages and sleighs were unheated. As rail travel took off, foot warmers moved into trains. Known as "porcelain pigs",they were given to passengers to ease their journey. Children sat on "Cricket" benches using them to warm their fingers. They came in many shapes and sizes and were often used for advertising.

Offering a  ceramic "porcelain pig" which is 11" tall and circa late 1800"s. The "pig is plain, has the original plug and is without advertising. It has one flat side and flat bottom.  The color is crisp and clean. The bottom and top rims are strong with out cracks or chips. It is in excellent condition.

# RHG-1405


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