Pie Safe was a normal household item before iceboxes came into regular use and was an important part of the American household starting in the 1700's through the 1800's. The pie safe was meant to store pies, meat, bread and other perishables from insects and vermin. The pie safe was kept far from the wood stove as possible. It was even put on the back porch to catch the cool air.

A common pie safe is made of local wood - pine shelves - more expensive wood for the outside frame. It is about the size of a large bureau. Shelves are perforated and 18" deep. Safes have two hinged,front doors ventilated with pierced tins plates or screens. The sides are also ventilated with tin plate or screens. The holes in the tin plate are punched to produce an image such as an eagle, star, stylized tulip or geometric design.

Safes are freestanding , made with long legs to keep them away from the floor. Some are wall mounted or suspended from the ceiling. Most have a drawer usually above the storage area, but some times below.

We are offering a 12 Tin pie safe with two storage areas divided by two drawers with wooden pulls. Top storage area has tin plates punched with a geometric design of triangle with circles. All tins are tight and in excellent condition. Storage areas close with iron and porcelain latches.  The frame of the safe is topped with a simple cornice of crown molding, the sides are straight extending down to a straight apron ans straight legs. The simplicity of the design brings forth the beauty of the tins. It is in excellent condition - an wonderful addition with lots of storage.

The measurements are: 73.5"H, 38.5"w, 16.5"D

# CJB-3014


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