Until 1800, ice cream remained a rare and exotic desert enjoyed by the elite. By the 19th century, ingredients and technology- ice harvesting, the invention of the ice house (1800) and affordable sugar made the production of ice cream possible. In 1843, Nancy Johnson of New York developed the hand cranked ice cream freezer. This consisted of a inner metal pail fitted with a paddle attached to the crank handle, which sat inside a wooden bucket containing a freezing mixture of ice and salt. The cream was poured into the inner pail where it was beaten and churned as it froze. Turning the crank for about 45 minutes produced the delicious treat. These became very popular and are even sold today.

Offering a green painted wooden ice cream bucket with a bale handle and wooden finger grip. The slats of the bucket are supported by three iron bands and four bent iron legs. The side hook which held the crank are present but the crank and inner pail are missing.

The color is bright and all pieces are whole.It is in good condition with minor wear.The dimensions are 7.5'T, 12"D.



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