Red Star Coffee was founded in 1925 in New York by the R.H.Macy Co. The store's emblem, a red star,was inspired by the tattoo Macy got on his arm during his whaling days- a visual nod to the star that guided him when he was at sea. The company was founded in 1945.

At one time, Venezuela ranked close to Columbia in coffee production. The most admired Venezuela coffee comes from the far western corner of the country that boarders Columbia. Coffees from this area are called Maracaibos after the port through which they are shipped. The best known Maracaibo coffees are Cucuta, Merida, Trujillo, and Tachira.

We are offering a antique general store coffee bin of  Red Star Choice Roasted Maracaibo Coffee. This Tin has advertising outside front and back. The brand is painted in gold letters with red trim. There is a red star in the logo. It is clean inside, with tight seams. The top lid and bottom drawer both have tin loop pulls. 

All labels have moderate paint loss, with clear & bright colors with easy reading of contents. There are two dents on the top border that do not effect the function or appearance of the piece.

The measurements are 21"H, 13"D,13"W.  This bin shows honest wear and is in excellent condition. It would make a great addition to any room.



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