A Folk Art Bird Tree is a single branch of wood or other material held up by a base with birds attached to its branches. Those birds can be made of pottery, metal, paper mache or of classically carved out of wood. Bird trees were carved by the Pennsylvania Germans to symbolize the entrance of spring with its emphasis on rebirth. The trees were filled with colorful birds such as those used in "Fractures" . The birds were very colorful and attached to bent branches. The number of branches  and birds varied with each creation. The position of the birds also varied with each piece. Each carver had their own style for their work. These trees were given to infants or new couples as gifts of affection or courtship.

This Folk Art Bird Tree is colorful and balanced. It supports eleven male & female cardinals on six branches with three wooden carved painted leaves. The birds are pared with their mates and look attentively at the viewer .  One bird does not have a mate.  The tree trunk is brown from top to bottom. The base is a combination of shapes stacked in alternating red and green paint. It is signed under the base. It is 15"T with a base diameter of 4.75" D.

This bird tree is hand carved by M.K.Scheel. Mr. Scheel is a resident of Bethlehem, Pa who has been carving for years. He conceives carving as a multi-dimensional canvass. He uses an electric bench tool only once when he cuts the rough form - then it is straight to the knife. His work is shown in many national art shows . He participates in the World Show in Ocean City, MD, where he serves as a judge. Scheel has placed many times in world miniature competition which have become his specialty.

# MCB 21003


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