A dry sink is a functional piece of furniture used up to the 19th century. They were the equivalent of modern day sinks without the convenience of indoor plumbing. It was essentially a wooden cabinet on which rested a water pitcher and basin. The top of the cabinet was recessed to prevent spillage and water damage to surrounding areas while washing or shaving. Dry sinks are usually made of pine but in wealthier homes they may be constructed from other woods. Pricier sinks had the recessed area on top lined with zinc or copper. Generally there is a storage area underneath. They were considered to be an indispensable kitchen accessory.

We are offering a pine dry sink . This sink has two doors opening to one shelf the width of the sink, each door has brass latches.  The lines are clean extending down to the straight apron and feet. This piece shows honest,minor wear and is in overall excellent condition.

The dimension are 32" T,49.5"W,17"D.

# CJB-5065


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