Offering a Two Door Chimney Closet , 18"w, 12"D, 78"T , all hand wrought. This closet has four stationery shelves, simple cornice top of crown molding, straight sides with a scroll apron on the front and sides. The sides extend in a straight line to "bracket " feet .  The panel doors have "H"hinges,wooden pulls and a movable peg to secure the opening. It is constructed of  barn wood painted to add color and enhance the grain. The inside is stained a "Natural" color while the outside color is "Mustard ".

This piece can be ordered in the following colors or stain:Natural Stain, Black, Navy Blue, Sky Blue, Colonial Blue, Bayberry, Colonial Green, Barn Red, Marmalade, Pumpkin Pie, Mustard and Antique Ivory.

# CDT 23-400


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