Basket making is an art form that is thousands of years old. It is the most basic of all crafts in its methods and material, and its development reflects local traditions. Handmade baskets have a cachet that has never been equaled. The American artisan basket is highly prized as a valuable and beautiful object.

Offering a long handled, handwoven, natural reed and blue dyed reed serving basket . Both reeds are woven together in a lock pattern with an over stain of oak. Blue dyed reed is woven in to trim the basket top. This basket can be useful for kitchen utensils, flat wear or wine to carry to a barbecue. It measures 10"L and 14" (including handle).

This basket has been made entirely by hand. All baskets have weaver's stain to prevent the stained reed from running.  To keep free of dust, rinse your basket with cold water and set to dry.

Basket make wonderful presents for any occasion. Personalize your gift basket with art supplies, school/office supplies, baby needs, potpourri, jams, baked goods, soaps, preserves etc .

# TBT 1514


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